Jan 16 2024

2023 in review

A year of change, and of stability. Let me briefly reminisce and highlight what happened in 2023.


I became an independent maintainer in June 2023. This was a somewhat scary decision, but it did exactly what I hoped it would: my work-life balance feels fantastic. I’m also glad to be able to do similar to what I did at AWS—meeting with and advising teams with serious deployments—but with a wider variety of use cases. (Send me an email if that interests you.)


First, some stats about hyper over the past year. There were 90 unique authors this year, which is 40% growth from 2022! We had two more people sign up to be triagers.

v1 🚀

We released hyper v1 in November. What a ride. It brought changes, moving the less stable side out into hyper-util. But it also signaled a core that won’t be changing any time soon. Stability.

The ecosystem caught up quickly. There were releases for tower-http, headers, and Axum ready to go just a couple weeks after. It enabled some other cool things, like the general availability of the AWS SDK for Rust.

We closed out the year with v1.1, bringing back core pieces needed to make graceful shutdown in servers easier again.


I reviewed at least 10 security reports, perhaps a couple more I didn’t keep track of. This includes the wider HTTP/2 rapid reset attack that hyper wasn’t affected by. The amount of time I spend on security reports keeps on increasing. That makes sense, we announced stability of v1, which surely made more people take a look. It also is a sign of more production deployments, with companies wanting to audit their dependencies.


Another priority this year was to make progress on hyper’s HTTP/3 support, currently under development in the h3 crate. We released some initial 0.0.1 releases (and a few more subsequent ones), specifically to make it easier for people to use. reqwest gained unstable HTTP/3 support, using h3, and some brave users have enabled it, found it working well, and are now asking if we can make it stable. A couple of other fine folks worked to make the h3-webtransport crate, building on top of h3.

Future Focus

Doing a bit forward looking, what’s the plan for 2024? Well, of course it could change at any moment, but these seem to be the things people most ask me for, and most need.

HTTP/3 in hyper

I hope to make significant progress towards getting HTTP/3 support directly in hyper. I’ll work on a proper proposal, but here’s some unordered steps in that direction. Stabilizing the feature in reqwest. Set up an auto-updating h3 server for interop testing. Dig away at the compliance report, both by labeling more of the parts already working, and adding any missing parts. Propose how to expose it in hyper, which will be tricky so as to not tie hyper to any specific TLS library. And then get it actually added, likely as a hyper_unstable_h3 feature to start.

Level up Client middleware

There’s a lot of great middleware now. But it can still feel like it requires an expert to use it properly. I’ve been hinting at for a while that I’d like to do for clients what Axum has done for servers. I hope to do that with reqwest.

reqwest does a lot of useful things, but if someone wants to customizing it beyond the options that reqwest exposes, they have to reimplement a lot (or live with a fork). I want to make most of reqwest’s features tower middleware. reqwest will still have a standard “recommended” client. But it should be easier to build up your own custom stack.

And while we’re at it, I hope to make some of the most important and yet most difficult middleware much easier to sprinkle in: retries, limits, and load balancing.

On-going maintenance

I also must carve out explicit time for maintenance work. There’s bugs that need fixing. Reviewing and triage takes a lot of my energy. I want to improve the docs and guides. The amount of security reports received is growing, and those take time to investigate and respond or patch and disclose, depending on their validity and severity. This also includes time with my sponsors, which helps identify maintenance work priorities.

Want to join us?

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