Jun 26 2010

Is it Now Acceptable to Require JavaScript?

Is it Now Acceptable to Require JavaScript?

Regarding web apps:

The groundwork has been laid by some of the best thinkers in our industry, and neglecting to build a proper stack, to me, pushes all of that hard work aside in favor of (too) rapid deployment. If you’re metrics show a 99% JavaScript enabled audience, are you willing to forsake that 1%?

Certainly, it’s unacceptable for content based sites (brochure sites, blogs, etc) to require JavaScript. But he’s talking about more powerful, interactive web applications, like MobileMe and GMail. I’d agree that if the content can be reasonbly accessible without JavaScript, it should be. I’d say its borderline with GMail, but they do it. Props to them.

Like he says though, some applications exist for exactly what you can do with JavaScript enabled. Such as Blazonco, where what we’re offering is the ability to drag and drop your content. That’s one of the reasons to use it. So should we offer the ability to edit your page without it? I don’t see a user-friendly solution of converting draggable components into a mobile-friendly text block.

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