Aug 30 2012



Andy Modrovich tackles an important subject:

Why does a studio remove someone from a game’s credits, and why do developers put up with it? Most importantly, why do credits matter?

When I was learning to program, my dream was (of course) to help make something like Starcraft, and then be able to see my name in the list of people who made it. It’s saddening to learn that even with work invested in a game, that’s not necessarily going to be the case. Not just saddening, it’s jacked up.

But beyond any of the practical concerns, or the high-minded talk of posterity, the best reason to insist on proper crediting is simple human decency, respect, and love of the truth.

It reminds me that it’s important for you to appear in the constributors list of a project you work on, or even in a humans.txt file of a website.

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