Nov 10 2010

Gauges are Dirty Liars

I have several objects that show some sort of resource guage, and I find all too often that they lie as much as a doormat.

My car fuel gauge, when filled, goes past Full. Driving for 180 miles brings the tank to ¾. Another 50 miles brings it down to ¼. The next time I turn on the car, it swears it can’t go another mile, until I get to the gas station, and don’t even put the maximum gallons back in.

My phone says that it has full battery for an entire day. When I wake up in the next morning, it’s at ¾ battery. Maybe 8 hours later, and it’s letting me know I have 20% left.

The Xbox 360 wireless controller claims to have full battery most of its life. It has four bars to indicate battery life. I’ve never seen it show less than 2. The only way I know it is low on battery power is when the controller abruptly shuts off. You can turn it back on right away the first couple times, and it still claims 2 out of 4 bars of power. Yet it insists on dying every 15 minutes after that.

I just wonder, what gives? Why is it that all these gauges like to boast they’re almost full for so long, and only at the very end do they warn me (or not) of hitting empty.

Dirty lying scumbags.

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