May 08 2009

Get Class of a MooTools Instance

Have you ever wanted to get the class name of an object, maybe to check what instance it is of, or maybe to use the name for something? I was in need of exactly that, so I set out to do so last night. I started by asking Stack Overflow, and no one gave me an answer, so I pondered about it a bit.

Updated: 6/16/10

I eventually solved it, like the idiot I am. I solved it wrong.

My solution caused an infinite loop in some browsers, and errors in others as it tried to access properties of the window object that are “illegal”.

A version currently exists that can’t find anything that isn’t a direct property of the window global object. I’d eventually like it to be able to find out if the class is called Drag.Move, for instance.

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  • #mootools