Apr 06 2022

hyper 1.0 roadmap

hyper is a protective and efficient HTTP library for all.

We have a timeline for how to get to hyper 1.0, and a vision of what it looks like. Next up is a proposal for how to get there. That’s this new roadmap.

The purpose of the roadmap is to map out what hyper looks like now, and exactly how it needs to change to match up with the VISION.

The roadmap starts by describing current known issues with hyper v0.14, after having spoken to many users.

Then, after using the tenets defined in the vision to prioritize and make decisions, the proposed changes are listed. A central theme is making hyper stable, flexible, and ready for the future.

The roadmap includes a growable FAQ in the appendix. As the proposal receives feedback, the answers to that feedback should usually result in documenting it in that FAQ. There’s one question in particular that I want to inline here:

Isn’t this making hyper harder?

We are making hyper more flexible. As noted in the VISION, most use cases of hyper require it to be flexible. That can mean that the exposed API is lower level, and that it feels more complicated. It should still be understandable.

But the hyper 1.0 effort is more than just the single hyper crate. Many useful helpers will be migrated to a hyper-util crate, and likely improved in the process. The timeline also points out that we will have a significant documentation push. While the flexible pieces will be in hyper to compose how they need, we will also write guides for the hyper.rs showing people how to accomplish the most common tasks.

Please give us feedback. This is a joint effort. Only together can we make HTTP safer for all. After the roadmap is merged, we’ll file issues for all the pieces of work, to allow more fine-grained discussion, and to track the progress. Exciting times are ahead!

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