Aug 02 2022

hyper at 10,000 stars

Today, hyper reached 10,000 stars on GitHub!

Screenshot of hyper with 10k stars

What does that mean? Not much. It simply means ten thousand people clicked the star button for hyperium/hyper. But hey, I’m not one to give up a reason to celebrate!

I had projected the rate of stars per day, and knew we’d reach 10k around the beginning of August. On the 1st, I setup a little script to check the GitHub API every 30 minutes, print out the new number, and continue until it reached the target number. That happened around 1:30am Pacific Time, this morning!

Star counts every 30 minutes

Really, this is thanks to all of you, for contributing and using hyper. Thank you!

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  • #hyperium
  • #rust
  • #rust-lang