Apr 08 2015

hyper on beta

Since I announced hyper in December of last year, it has continued to grow as Rust’s http library.


Of course, a lot of the effort this past few months has been keeping up with all the changes to Rust and the standard library. A million thanks to all those who helped with these upgrades. I can’t overstate the joy it is to wake up in the morning, read that there are breaking changes in the latest nightly, and then see in my inbox that a pull request has already been filed fixing hyper.

up next

Now that the breaking changes are behind us, developement can focus entirely on making hyper do things better-er. Specifically, here’s things that are either in progress, or highly desired (hint hint).

  • The Client is very close to receiving Connection Pool support. Code is in a branch.
  • The Server is switching to a request queue, such that keep-alive connections don’t starve the server.
  • Marko Lalic has written an HTTP/2 library in Rust. Many have stated wanting to help integrate it into hyper. Hopefully, this should happen soon!
  • We’d like to switch to asynchronous IO. There’s been plenty of working happening in mio, which brings us async IO for Unix-y platforms. There’s need for a Windows async IO library, and a library that can wrap the two. Then we can start switching over, and that means more speeeed.

I could imagine aiming for a 1.0 of hyper once we have asynchronous IO.

Again, all of this is thanks to you guys, the amazing community. And if you want to get involved, please join in. Perhaps try tackling one of the easy issues first.

  1. Or you can check the Releases. I try to keep them in sync. 

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