Dec 11 2013

insist: Better assertions for nodejs

insist: Better assertions for nodejs

There’s plenty of assertion libraries out there that give you all brand-new APIs with all sorts of assertion testing. I don’t need that. I actually like just using the assert module. Except one thing. The standard message for assert(false) is useless.

I saw better-assert, got excited, and then realized it only provided one method. All I wanted was the assert module, with a better message.

So I made insist. You can truly just drop it instead of assert, and pretend it’s assert. Also, unlike a few libraries who try to do this, insist plays well with multi-line assertions.

var assert = require('insist');
var someArr = [15, 20, 5, 30];
assert(someArr.every(function(val) {
  return val > 10;
// output: AssertionError: assert(someArr.every(function(val) {
// return val > 10;
// }));

I insist.

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