Dec 15 2009

MGFX in the MooTools Forge

Last week saw the release of the MooTools Forge. And that’s fantastic news for the MooTools community. If there was ever one thing MooTools lacked compared to jQuery, it was an easy way to find other MooTools code.

For people trying to find plugins, we wanted a simple interface with visual focus on what’s available. Going through lists of plugins whose names are not always that intuitive or descriptive is both boring and inefficient. You might find yourself opening dozens of tabs just to see what the plugin can potentially offer. We want to try and put all the information you need to make a choice right in one place.

I’m up in the Forge

As I’ve written about before, I’ve started hosting some of my projects on Github. I prepared specifically for this release, and now have MGFX.Tabs and Drag.Dock featured in the Forge. As it says in the respective pages, all issues can be reported to Github issues for those projects.


  • #javascript
  • #mootools