May 04 2020

Next Up: AWS

Today I start something new. This is my first day at AWS.

AWS is choosing Rust more and more. It’s an especially excellent choice for problems that require extreme performance, while not sacrificing safety. As more servers are being written in Rust, more people are making use of hyper and other related libraries.

At AWS, I’ll be continuing to work on and foster the Rust networking open source ecosystem, such as with hyper, reqwest, warp, Tokio, and others. I’ll be able to help different teams that are adopting these technologies, advising and teaching, and learning how we can continue to improve the ecosystem. And I’ll be surrounded by extremely smart folk that will be stretching these tools in completely unexpected ways. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!

The hope is that the wonderful ecosystem around hyper will continue growing, will receive more attention and contributions, and all will benefit from the journey.

I’m very much looking forward to this new chapter!

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