Nov 21 2011

Past Month of Shipyard

Last month I got to start working on Shipyard almost full-time, as I need it to make Add-on Builder work by the end of the quarter. I’m not ready to call Shipyard 1.0 until I’m confident with the API for Models, Controllers, and Views. Models are largely done, Views need some work, and Controllers need a start. Besides that, though, what has happened to Shipyard in the past month?

Here follows a changelog-ish list.

  • Animations
    • A merge between MooTools’ Fx.Tween and Fx.Morph classes
  • Events
    • addListener returns a Listener object with attach and detach methods.
    • support for once
    • legacy API
      • official API for EventEmitters is addListener, removeListener, and emit
      • previous methods will soon log a DeprecationWarning, before being removed by 1.0
  • New utils
    • Logger
      • Makes the console more familiar for Python users
      • Doesn’t error if there is no console available
    • Cookie
      • Thanks to MooTools
    • Color
      • Thanks to MooTools
  • DOMEvent
    • Thanks to MooTools
  • Env
    • provides browser and platform
  • A briefer test runner
    • Only prints dots for successes, F for failures, and prints errors at the end

If commit lists are more your thing, you can look to GitHub. The next month should see event delegation, and more work on the View/template system.

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