Sep 27 2012

Persona Beta 1

Persona Beta 1

The Identity Team has released Beta 1 of Persona:

For the past year Mozilla has been working on an experimental login system that completely eliminates passwords on websites while being safe, secure, and easy to use. Today we’re casting off the “experimental” label and announcing the first “beta” release of Persona.

This super exciting1, and only the beginning. This step is letting website owners know that they can start using it reliably on their websites. We won’t change the API.

Next steps include:

  • Empowering Identity Providers (IdP) to authenticate their own users, like Gmail, Yahoo, or your own private email, instead of depending on the Persona verification.
  • Getting browsers to implement the dialog and API natively.

Yes, we hope to eventually remove ourselves from it all.

  1. I may be a little biased

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