Dec 16 2008

PuTTY Connection Manager

PuTTY Connection Manager

PuTTY is on the utility belt of every developer. It’s the most common way we speak to servers and tell them what to do. And if you ever need to command-line to more than one server, you end up with plenty of PuTTY windows open, each connected to a different server, only with an obscure, arbitrary server name or IP address to differentiate.

PuTTY already lets you set up saved connection options, which lets you save a name for the window as well, alleviating the naming problem. But it still leaves you with gillions of windows in your taskbar of the same program. PuTTY Connection Manager (CM) retrieves all your saved sessions, and lists them in a nice tree on the right. But the reason to use it: all PuTTY connections are now contained in one program!

Tabs All Around

All your connections show up inside this shell, and all have tabs easily readible without clicking that PuTTY (6) task in your taskbar. The developers put time into this tabbed interface, ‘cause it’s powerful! They can plain tabs like in Firefox, or you can break up the window into columns or rows, in any fanciful arrangement.

Putty Connection Manager

Personally, I don’t align them in columns, but its there for people who like that stuff. I do prefer all my connections in one shell, though.

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