Oct 08 2019

reqwest alpha.await

reqwest is a higher-level HTTP client for Rust. I’m delighted to announce the first alpha release that brings async/await support!

Some headline features are:

  • Add std::future::Future support (hello async/await).
  • Add experimental WASM support.
  • Change the default client API to async, moving the previous synchronous API to reqwest::blocking.
  • Make many “extra” features optional to reduce unnecessary dependencies (blocking, cookies, gzip, json).

Hey look, a cute example using the new async/await syntax with reqwest:


These alpha versions are depending on Rust 1.39, which (as of this post) aren’t stable yet. Some other things may change in reqwest before the full release (can other features be made optional?), but the alphas allow others to experiment now.

My sincere thanks to all that help contribute to reqwest! Enjoy <3

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