Mar 20 2024

reqwest v0.12

Today marks the v0.12 release of reqwest, a higher-level, batteries-included HTTP client for the Rust language.

What’s new

The headline feature of reqwest v0.12 is the upgrade to hyper v1. reqwest does a lot of custom work to add features to hyper internally, but doesn’t need to expose too much of it publicly. This was what took the majority of the work to upgrade. Still, as outlined in the the hyper v1 announcement, the parts that are public have stabilized. The most obvious improvement to most users of reqwest will be the stable integration with http v1 types. This should remove the last blocker for a lot of people to finish upgrading to hyper v1.

With the breaking change, we made a few more improvements. Several optional features have been added which previously were required, such as http2 and charset. This allows disabling them and making the compilation time and size lower if not needed. We also converted all the implicit optional dependency features to dep: syntax.

We had to disable the HTTP/3 feature, but it was experimental anyways. It’s a goal to bring it back as soon as possible. We might also be able to add some other QUIC backends, such as s2n-quic.

See the release for more details.

Coming next

As mentioned a few times before on this blog, my focus next is to make a bunch of the powerful features in reqwest available as middleware. reqwest will remain easy to use. But it will be possible for people configure their own client stacks, without needed to fork or copy code. It will also mean even if you use the reqwest default easy stack, you can more easily integrate it with other tower middleware, such as retries or load balancing.

Thank you!

reqwest usage keeps on growing, and it’s both humbling and exciting to watch! For example, rustup uses reqwest as its default download backend, helping all Rust developers to keep their compiler up to date. Oxide uses reqwest in their Progenitor library that powers their OpenAPI clients.

Thank you for all your contributions, both in reporting issues, and in helping fix them. <3

If your company uses reqwest, consider becoming a sponsor. Additionally, for private advice, reviews, security help, and access to the maintainer, get in touch for support.

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