Dec 14 2016

reqwest v0.2

reqwest v0.2

The latest version of reqwest includes a bag of goodies, but the highlights are Response.json() and RedirectPolicy.

The first allows you to easily decode a JSON body into some other type. This type only needs to implement Deserialize, so you can use customs structs, but as you can see in the example, simple things work straight out of the box, like a HashMap.

let res = reqwest::get("").unwrap();
let body: HashMap<String, String> = res.json().unwrap();
assert_eq!(body["user-agent"], "reqwest/0.2.0");

The second highlight, RedirectPolicy, improves on the handling of redirects in the default case, and allows you to create a powerful custom policy easily.

let blocklist = std::env::var("BLOCKLIST").unwrap()
let mut client = reqwest::Client::new().unwrap();
client.redirect(reqwest::RedirectPolicy::custom(move |next, previous| {
    if blocklist.contains(&next.host_str().unwrap()) {
    } else if previous.len() == 3 {
    } else {
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