Mar 21 2012

Shipyard 0.1

I’ve been working on a JavaScript MVC framework for past several months called Shipyard. It’s an incredibly modular framework, with ease of testing, and all that other kool-aid. What’s important now is that this is the first release point for Shipyard. Here’s what it comes packed with:

  • Models
    • Syncs to various locations
    • Fields to serialize data easily
  • Views
    • Automatic updates using Bindings
    • Uses EJS templates underneath
    • Templates get pre-compiled for production, so templating engine isn’t needed in final file.

There are plenty of other modules included, but not all have public docs currently as many of them aren’t needed specifically by app developers, only by the internals of Models and Views.

It’s already powering Mozilla’s Add-on Builder.

Start Playing

You can read more about Shipyard at the docs page, play with the obligatory example to-do app, or the brave can start at the source.

Or, you can grab your require and try it out in jsFiddle right now.

To use it locally, you could check it out with git, but it’s also available on npm, via npm install shipyard.

What’s Next

With this release, work begins on version 0.2, which will bring about Model Relationships, QuerySets, some Controllers, and a configurable logger.

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