Oct 11 2011

The iPad Needs Competition

Apple fans unanimously believe that tablet makers should stop trying to compete with the iPad. They think that instead, tablets should try to fill other purposes, like the Kindle Fire does.

This is a terrible idea.

It would be similar to saying that no one should compete with Porsches, because they already make great cars. There are lots of people who want a quality car that isn’t a Porsche. If no others existed, they would be stuck with either selecting a quality car they didn’t want, or buying a car not built for the purpose they want.

Back to tablets, if the only quality, general-purpose tablet is the iPad, then anyone who wants something different needs to buy a tablet built for reading and games (Kindle Fire) to try to fill his desires of using a tablet to replace his notebook.

In any other market, the notion that there should be only one without competition is non-sense. Why do technology enthusiasts think differently?1

  1. Both sides are guilty of this. Apple fans think only the iPad matters. Fandroids think that Apple devices should die. I personally think both are great, and appeal to different audiences. 

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