Dec 02 2022

This Month in hyper: November 2022

The northern hemisphere starts to cool, the trees shed their leaves to conserve energy, cultured fans watch the quadrennial football tournament, and some magnificient contributors stay warm by continuing to make hyper ever better!


hyper v0.14.23

@jfourie1 found and fixed a nasty bug in hyper’s HTTP/2 client dispatcher, which could result in a stalled connection under high concurrency.

reqwest v0.11.13

The headline addition is a ClientBuilder::dns_resolver(), which now allows users to implement completely custom DNS resolvers for reqwest to use.

hyper 1.0

With the release of rc1 last month, I wrote about how we’re now in the hyper polish period 💅.

@programatik29 volunteered to co-lead the util area. After many contributions to get us to rc1, @oddgrd joined us to lead the docs area. @vi noticed that the HTTP/2 client SendRequest should implement Clone.

We still eagerly welcome you trying out the release candidate and providing us feedback. It’s the most important part of this period. Or join us in one of the four polish areas (or help lead one)! You can also come chat with us about anything.

hyper in curl

I fixed curl’s c-hyper.c to classify headers from CONNECT and 1xx responses as such, making two more unit tests pass. I streamed the process, in case you’d find it helpful to watch someone who mainly writes Rust flounder around debugging and fixing C. You can try it too!


We’re working on HTTP/3 in a separate crate, h3, with the goal of fitting it into hyper.

@eagr made it so recv_trailers doesn’t require holding onto the SendStream side. @g2p cleaned up a huge swath of clippy errors.

@g2p and @Ruben2424 joined as h3 collaborators, thanks to their excellent and continued work!


Tower (and tower-http) are a protocol-agnostic RPC framework with middleware, and they combine nicely with hyper.

@alexrudy added a new BoxCloneServiceLayer, and @leoyvens fixed a couple bugs in CallAll. @davidpdrsn made BoxService implement Sync.

Oh, and while not Tower, there was a big new Axum v0.6 release!

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