Oct 05 2022

This Month in hyper: September 2022

And I thought last month was hot, this one was a scorcher (on the US West Coast1). but just look at all the wonderful contributors making hyper ever better!


reqwest v0.11.12

A new version of reqwest, v0.11.12, includes a way to override DNS with multiple addresses (thanks @lpraneis), support for HTTP upgrades such as websockets (thanks @luqmana), and some internal maintenance (thanks @futursolo, @kckeiks, and @vidhanio).

hyper 1.0

The march towards the first release candidate brings ever closer!

@Robert-Cunningham added the hyper::rt::Timer trait and integration, and @oddgrd removed the runtime cargo feature, since everything now uses the Timer trait. @tomkarw replaced hyper’s usage of tower::Service with a hyper-specific Service trait. @Michael-J-Ward removed the combined hyper::client::conn::Connection type. hyper will contain version-specific Connection types, and a “combined” interface will grow in hyper-util.

I streamed on twitch.tv/seanmonstar briefly about putting together a launch checklist, since we’re so close to the first release candidate!

hyper in curl

I gave a talk for curl-up 2022.

@weihanglo updated hyper’s C API to the now-stable cargo rustc --crate-type cdylib, no longer requiring nightly.


@Ruben2424 got h3spec running in CI, and fixed up things it caught. @eagr signficantly filled out the rest of the spec compliance report, including exceptions and related unit tests. @g2p documented the whole public API, and removed the unused crate dependencies.

  1. I’m actually moving across the country, which is why this update was delayed. 

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