Jul 16 2010

Too Many Social Networks

I can’t help but feel like I’m getting overloaded with the number of social networks I’m involved in. Granted, I know I’m not even in as many as I could be (and some people like being in more). I put this list together more to explain to myself why I should bother using any of these services.

  • Blog: This is where I write my articles about stuff I care about, like programming, Android, and the web. As much as I hated English class throughout my schooling, I’ve found it’s enjoyable to write my opinion down. It’s especially enjoyable when other people notice, but that’s a bonus.
  • Twitter: With the 140 character cap, this is where I write pretty much anything that fits. If it fits here, I don’t blog about it. So it tends to be related to JavaScript, technology, the web, or video games. I don’t filter my tweets as much as I do my blog posts.
  • Github: This is where I put any code that is open source (duh!). It’s useful because of it’s integration with the MooTools Forge, so I keep my MooTools plugins here. It’s, of course, also great because how easy it is to work with other people on code projects. And I particularly like discussing code commits in the MooTools repositories.
  • Forrst : I’ve just recently signed up here, but I get the feeling it’s going to be kind of like Github, with the whole code sharing, but with a mix of a Twitter, where you can ask for input from a wider range of people. And it can be only an idea, not a commit. Seems like the fun side, whereas Github is more business.
  • StackOverflow: I love learning things. I’m addicted to information. So, naturally, I love reading about how to solve interesting problems with code. Some of my favorite stuff is actually in the algorithms tag. And now I’m screwed since they added Chat!
  • Facebook : Honestly, I don’t think I get anything out of Facebook. I’m only apart of it because my real life friends use it. And even then, I don’t feel I learn anything from using it. Just a bunch of Farmville updates and updates with no surrounding subject. At least on Twitter, I can pick what’s in my stream by only following people with the same interests. Often times, I wish I would just take the step and quit. The privacy issues Facebook faces only pushes me harder.
  • Buzz: I use this because it’s right there staring at me in my GMail. But even then, I don’t click the Buzz button to post something. Instead, I figured I’d link my “Shared Items” with my Buzz account. Not because Buzz is bad, though. Buzz is quite decent, it’s just a matter of who came to market first in this one. I have followers and people I follow on Twitter, not in GMail.
  • LinkedIn: I have no idea why I keep my account here, either. I started it when I began freelancing a couple years ago, since I thought it would be a good networking tool to get me more jobs. It turns out, it’s really good for being spammed by recruiters.