Nov 08 2011

var that = this

I used to think say you should use that in the question “What variable should I name this for closures?” This was because self is already a variable that points to window. However, I’ve since revised my opinion on what is a good variable name in this case.

I now find that and self to be too vague.

Instead, I think the variable should be named after the Class that you are currently coding in. As always, it’s easier to explain with code:

var PackageController = new Class({

    doSomething: function() {
        var controller = this;

        someEl.addEvent('click', function(e) {


The reason is because once you start delving a couple nested functions deep1, I find myself sometimes wondering if I bound that to the value I wanted. This way leaves little to wonder about. And since you read code far more than you write it, best to write the most readable code you can.

  1. I know, some of that can be solved by moving the functions to named methods on other objects, but you’d be lying if you said you never happened to have a function for a .forEach loop, and then another inside for an .addEvent, or something similar. 

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