Jan 16 2020

warp v0.2

Warp is a Rust web server framework focusing on composability and strongly-typed APIs.

Today sees the release of v0.2!

Async and Await

The most exciting part of this release is the upgrade to std::future, so you can now use async/await for cleaner flow control. Due to how warp encourages composition of filters, this is most noticeable at the “ends” of a filter chain, where an application is doing its “business logic”, converting input into actions and replies. And that’s where most of the app code is!


In the original release of warp, I wrote:

We’d like for warp to be able to make use of all the great tower middleware that already exists.

As part of this release, that is now possible! Any Filter which returns a Reply can now be converted into a Service using warp::service(filter). This means you can wrap your filters with any of the growing middlewares, as described in the hyper v0.13 announcement.


This was a lot of work by over 60 new contributors, including the massive std::future refactor by new collaborator @jxs.

Be sure to check the changelog for all the goodies!

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